Rex Ignis – hand over candle – impossible heat control




Rex Ignis: impossible hand over candle tool from ParaLabs

What is Rex Ignis? The impossible hand over candle tool from ParaLabs. Have absolute heat control!

Control the heat of any ungimmicked candle or lighter!

Rex Ignis immunizes you against the burning heat of a real flame, providing superhuman resistance to withstand its potential dangers.


Rex Ignis 2018 Edition: This particular version can either be used in a large matchbox (10×6 cm, for chimney matches) or without the matchbox in the classic set-up, hidden under a table’s surface. This makes the 2018 edition very flexible, especially for professional performers.

  • using the indiscernible setup, the only visible object on the table is a genuin, ungimmicked and real burning candle or lighter, which can be borrowed and left as a gift afterwards
  • no special clothing required
  • no sleight of hand necessary
  • easy to perform.
  • Any standard candle can be used immediately. It is 100% unprepared.
  • You spectator experiences the phenomenon.
  • Your hands are totally empty throughout the performance.
  • The heat can be “turned on and off” remotely.
  • Can be performed with other fire sources (oil lamp, lighter, etc.).
  • No set up time, because there isn’t any. It’s always ready for your performance

Signum23 is the official distributor for the Rex Igis 2018 Edition

    • Rex Ignis 2018 Edition 470,00 €
  • All Rex Ignis are offert with “rechargable power source”. To be more flexible in your performance, secure yourselfe a spare “rechargable power source”
  • “Rechargable power source” for the Rex Ignis 2018 Edition 34,00 €

Worldwide registered shipping included.

support creators – buy the original from Signum23

hand-made on demand, up to 14 days to delivery

Perform it with a ordinary lighter:

Comparison between advanced version (titled matcbox combo version in the video) and matchbox version:

Timon Krause performing hand over candle with a participant in an informal close-up setting:

You only need Rex Ignis, if you can not do it for real. Like him…


Subject to change without notice!